This is your chance to hang out with and learn from four of your favorite Fitness Experts

on a 4-Night Cruise vacation to Key West & Cozumel!

The Strength Cruise was created by Coach Nick Tumminello to give you a one of a kind fitness conference experience, which provides you with both a top notch Education and an amazing cruise Vacation all rolled into one can’t miss event!

On the Strength Cruise you get the opportunity to spend your time learning, training, eating, drinking and partying (all you want) with your favorite fitness presenters and fellow fitness professionals for 4-days on a Caribbean Cruise vacation!

Put simply, the Strength Cruise is the most interactive, unique and fun fitness event you can attend!

Check out these pictures from the 2012 Strength Cruise.


General 2013 Strength Cruise Info

                                                 Cruise Line:

Celebrity Cruises                                                  


Celebrity Constellation                                                  


4-Night Western Caribbean                                                  


Key West, Cozumel                                                  

                                                 Sailing Date:

February 14, 2013                                                  

                                                 Departing From:

Miami, Florida                                                  

                                                 Returning To:

Miami, Florida on February 18th                                                  

Fly into Miami Airport and take the Celebrity Cruise shuttle to the port. You can drive directly to the Port of Miami and park your car for the duration of the trip.


2013 Strength Cruise Presenters and Workshops


Nick Tumminello – Hybrid Training: Practical Program Design

Nick will take you step-by-step through his Hybrid training program model and show you how he designs hybrid workouts for beginners, along with sample programs for muscle building, fat loss and sports performance. Nick will build these programs right before your eyes so you can see exactly what he does with his clients & athletes.


Bill Sonnemaker – 3D Dynamic Warm-Ups & Mobility

Discover the latest & greatest 3D Dynamic warm up exercises that are guaranteed to improve your mobility and ensure maximal performance every time you train or compete!


Cassandra Forsythe – Proven Nutrition & Exercise Programs for Women

Cassandra will give you an insider’s look at the nutrition and exercise programs she’s used to get her female clients (of all fitness levels) into great shape, and having fun doing it! Not only will you get to see her programs; Cassandra will also show you how she modifies these routines to accommodate pregnant or injured clients.

(All training workshops are roughly 2-2.5hrs each – Full presenter bios below)


Strength Cruise Daily Schedule Overview

Port Visits:





Workshops: We will hold ONE workshop each day (Thurs – Sun; scheduled around the port visits) to maximize our class time along with our time enjoying the cruise vacation experience.

You’ll only spend about 3hrs each day in the classroom. The rest of time is on your own to enjoy your vacation!


Registration Info

Booking your spot on the 2nd Annual Strength Cruise is a simple 2-Step Process:

Step #1 - Book Your Room on the Cruise Ship


Rooms starting at only $309!

All of your food and entertainment is covered under this cost.

Caryn Graham of Cruises Inc. is handling all of the Strength Cruise group reservations.

Book now to receive $50 in ship-board credit!

To reserve your room: Contact Caryn by phone at (727) 741-1438 or email:

Need a Room Share? Caryn can help! – Triples & quad occupancy available upon request.


Step #2 - Register for the Conference Classes (before Jan 21st 2013 to save $50 and get a FREE DVD)

Reserve Your Spot to Attend the Strength Cruise Conference Workshops before Jan 21st 2013 and:

- Pay only $167 ($50 savings) tuition for 12hrs worth of workshops from 4 of the worlds best coaches!

- AND get a FREE Performance U DVD of your choice ($87 value)!

- AND Get Registered to win a Private 1hr Session on the Strength Cruise w/ Nick Tumminello ($250 value)

- AND also Get Registered to win a $150 Hylete Clothing Gift Certificate


YES! I want to reserve my seat for the workshops at the 2013 Strength Cruise Conference, Now!

After Jan 21st, the conference registration fee goes up to $217 and you’ll miss out on getting your Free DVD and chance to win all the goodies!


There’s not another fitness conference on this planet that can show you a better time

and provide you with a more valuable learning experience than the Strength Cruise!


Check out this price comparison of a normal fitness conference vs. the Strength Cruise:

Conference Cost Comparison

At an Average 3-Day Conference – Cost is $250-$350

At the Strength Cruise – Cost is only $147

YOU save $100+ on The Strength Cruise

Room, Food & Entertainment Cost Comparison

At an Average 3-Day Conference – Hotel room cost per night is approx. $180+. Food Cost (3 meals per day) is approx. $60. Throw in another $50 per night for cab fare and entertainment. That’s a total of $290 per night, which over 3-days comes out to $870!

At the 4-Day Strength Cruise – You pay only $471 for 4-nights, which covers your room, and all the food you can eat, going to Key West & Cozumel, and all of the ships entertainment & amenities!

You save $400+ on The Strength Cruise!

Educational Experience Cost Comparison

At an Average 3-Day Conference – You’ll see a few of the presenters you like due to multiple classes happening at once. The classes are usually only 90min. And, you’re lucky if you get a few minutes to meet and speak with your favorite fitness presenters to ask them a question or two.

At the Strength Cruise - There are four intensive workshops, which are each approx. 2.5-3hrs long, so your learning experience will be much more thorough! And, the best part is… after classes are over, you’re still on a cruise ship where you’ll have the rest of the days to hang and talk shop with your favorite fitness presenters on the pool deck, or at dinner, or at the bar, or at the gym or at the beach in Key West and Cozumel!

On the Strength Cruise you get to hang out for 4-days with 4 of the words top fitness presenters and it’s absolutely FREE!

That’s easily over a $1000 value!

There really is no comparison – The Strength Cruise is the most fun, interactive, unique and affordable 4-Day fitness conference/ vacation experience you can have!

Book Your Spot on the 2nd Annual Strength Cruise Now!!!


Step #1 - Book your room on the Cruise (book now and recieve $50 in ship-board credit!)

Contact Caryn by phone at (727) 741-1438 or email:

Step #2 - Book your seat for the Strength Cruise conference workshops before Jan 21st, 2013 and pay only $167 for all of the workshops, and get your free DVD, and the chance to win the cool prizes!

Reserve my seat at the 2013 Strength Cruise Workshops now!

After Jan 21st, Conference Registration Fee goes up to $217 and you’ll miss out on all of the extra goodies!


The 2013 Strength Cruise Presenters

Nick Tumminello

Nick Tumminello is a Personal Trainer in Fort Lauderdale Fl and the owner of Performance University International, which provides personal trainer education. Nick is known for his innovative exercises and hybrid approach to training. Nick is the developer of the Core Bar, has authored over 10 DVDs and is a regular contributor to T-nation, Men’s Health, Women Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness and FIGHT! magazine. He has been featured in two New York Times best selling exercise books as well as in the ACE Personal Trainer Manual: Fourth edition. Nick writes a very popular fitness blog at


Bill Sonnemaker

Bill Sonnemaker, MS, is an internationally sought-after personal trainer and fitness educator. He is a spokesperson for IDEA and is the recipient of the 2007 IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year Award and the 2007 NASM Pursuit of Excellence Award. He is the founder and CEO of Catalyst Fitness, Georgia’s only fully accredited and medically recognized personal training and performance enhancement facility and holds a master’s degree in performance enhancement and injury prevention. Visit his website at

Cassandra Forsythe

Cassandra Forsythe, Cassandra Forsythe, PhD, RD, CSCS is the author of two popular nationally publicized books for women, “The New Rules of Lifting for Women”, and “Women’s Health Perfect Body Diet”. Her passion lies in encouraging women and men of all shapes, sizes and life stages to exercise seriously and with purpose. Most recently, she has become an advocate for super fit pregnancies following her own ultra-fit gestation. She runs her own group fitness facility in Connecticut, which has transformed the bodies of hundreds of women and men across the state. You can find out more about Cassandra and her fitness facility at

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